A living legacy of consistently delivering quality machined parts

Urban Manufacturing's Collaborative Partnerships Assure Precise Part Production

Walk around the vast machining floor at Urban Manufacturing and you’ll see dedicated employees who enjoy their jobs, and apply that enthusiasm to producing parts that meet strict client demands every day.

Our manufacturing engineers strive for collaboration with our customers from the beginning to provide engineered prototypes that ensure efficient manufacturing, offer flexibility and assure that our customer’s needs take center stage.

People and processes result in fast reaction times

Urban Manufacturing specializes in producing precision machining components that achieve close tolerances often using challenging materials that meet stringent client demands. Success results from a unique combination of experienced journeymen machinists, state-of-the-art machine tools and precise measuring equipment, which gives us the ability to produce increasingly complex parts using exotic materials.

Our quality assurance department assures that machined parts meet established tolerances in-process and are tested again before they leave our door. Plus, we test the raw material to assure it meets quality standards before machining ever begins.

Urban Manufacturing's Facility

Our facility covers 93,000 square feet - 15,000 square feet of this space is a climate controlled manufacturing environment. It is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, just west of Milwaukee.


Business systems mean manufacturing processes are under tight controls

Our ERP software assists us in assuring tight control over the manufacturing process.

Our business system software provides these important features:

  • Accurate estimating so you can trust our pricing
  • Order entry and tracking for efficient administrative set-up for new jobs
  • EDI integration so we can interface with your business systems
  • Assemblies and BOMs offer effective cost tracking for competitive pricing
  • Job routing to help plan effective information and material flow
  • Scheduling and shop loading to keep delivery promises
  • Shop floor control that supplies real-time production data collection
  • Quality assurance module that gives integrated reports and traceability
  • Shipping reports to ensure accurate fulfillment

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a valuable tool. It is even more valuable when paired with the well-trained employees, accountable management and common sense that are the hallmarks of what you get with Urban Manufacturing.


Discover our rich history or request a quote to learn what Urban Manufacturing can do for you.